EX-LIBRIS Exhibition
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'EX-LIBRIS' (In Latin means “from books”) is an installation featuring 3D book sculptures with illustrations based on classic literatures.
These pieces focus on the experience during childhood years as a school's librarian. These books tell the story of those awkward years; trying to fit in, struggling with one's identity, befriending and falling in love with fictional
characters, and seeing the books as escapism to a romantic catastrophe of the adulthood that yet to
The exhibition firsted opened at Mellow Thonglor, Bangkok (Dec2012-Feb2013). This first installation includes works created specifically for Thai audience. It features Thai literatures and collaboration with some of Thailand best talents such as 21Day Photography, street artistMAMAFAKA, Illustrator Pomme Chan and singer Gene Kasidit.

The second installation, with new exclusive works, will be at The Book Club in Shoreditch, London. It opens on the 9th of May to 14th of July 2013. (free entry)